aku disurvey

1. Can ex lovers be friends?
-kna petimbang dlu... sbb benci dia!!

2. Do you think it's okay to date
someone if you are committed already?
-kisah ape?? hik3

3. 1234...?
-xkan xtaw kot?

4. Are you in love with someone at the
-tataw la love ke angau?? tp 4 sure... neva speak to dia

5. Are you missing someone at the
-ade sorang dua.. byknya!!!

6. Would you die for the one you love?
-xmau.. aku nk idop kt mak bapak aku

7. Do you think love hurts?
-kalo dua2 xreti jaga relationship mmg hurt.

8. What's the best thing about love?
-ada org tny kita sehat ke x?? spnjg masa plak.. adei xleh go!!

9. What's the worst thing about being
in love?
-pelajaran teganggu

10. Will you wait for someone you
-kalo ada sbb baek.. sy tggu

11. What song best describes your life
at this moment?
-muse-unntended.. lagu feveret.

12. Have you talked to the person
you love on the phone?
-neva.. seb duit...

15. Is love always on your side or
the opposite way?
-cinta xleh paksa.. i've learned dat

16. Do you have a homosexual friend?

17. Are you sick of love?
-cinta kpd ALLah tidak pernah...

18. Are you sick of questions on

19. What are you going to do
-tkna pnjm mesin masa doraemon.. haha

20. What do you want so bad right now?
-saya mahu bela kucing parsi yg free... hihi

21. Do you think money is everything?
-nk beli brg idop.. xdk duit xleh idop.. jd ya!!

22. What song are you listening right

25. Have you written your own song?
-kalo penah, aku sure suma xmau dgq...

26. What's the movie that you last
-she's da man

27. Do you believe in forever?
-semua nya akan kembali kpd ALLAH

28. What's the last words you want to say to ur ex?
-semoga bhgia slaloo... (kalo ade)

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