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huh... i guess most of u guys aree feeling the same wth me.. hmm.. which is.. BORED!! life after spm isnt too beautiful as thought.. most of us think dat we will njoy life after spm.. maybe a few weeks after we will enjoy it so much!! but after then, boring disease will attack u noe? now, im thinking of working at sumwhere.. anywhere which i think cud cure dis disease. hek3 :) i olso want to take dis opportunity to congrat my juniors for the chances that they get to continue their study in mjsc bee~ cuz "mjsc b is da best, da best is mjsc b".. etceli i neva really proud of dat bcuz i found dat life at mjsc bee is really bored sumtimes.. same routines each day.. erggghhh!!!! i wish i cud transfer back to mjsc pdrm which i really njoy myself there!! to all my prens,, i am sorry to say dis but this comes out from the bottom of my sincere heart.. but having all of u as frens really brighten my days!! i dont think i cud survive without da jokes n funny things happened there.. huhu...faiz, naqib dunt cha forget our 'tiga serangkai"(as ckgu basit said) hahaha.. i'll never forget da moment w skip da moning call together n how we together perform at mjsc yt besut!! we rawks dat nite!!! although i twist in time to retun back that moment.. but im sure u guys will keep it in mind rite?? hahaha... hmm to adzle-u had promise me to slim down ur body rite?? i hope dat u really can manage to do it.. just so as me.. hehe... asyraf. perhaps da moment u read my blog u already return home.. i hope plkn isnt really sucks at all!! hahah.. cud not wait to see ur bold head!! syafiq- u noe lots of my secrets.. hoping dat u'll keep ur mouth shut!! tamil-u are da most understanding buddy eva!!! arep- sometimes i hate ur lies.. but u are my pren since fom 1.. i cannot hate u long..hehe.. no more lies after diz.. just truth please... bobo... hmmm.. sometimes ur attititude really pissing me off but u are da best advice giver hahahah... azeez- dis is other one.. sometimes u look a little bit saiko to me but sometimes u are da most closest fren to me there.. huh.. really cannot forget u guys lor... naim, wan, che nuq, syafiq moose,nas, adib- dun worry!! we are best frens ever kay??


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