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well, just now i visited one of chom's fren's blog.. i read about her not to be career which is being a doctor.. during spending my time reading her blog made me think what i really want to be.. a doctor? a pharmacist? a teacher? or a jobless guy? huh, tough question, i admit it... okies.. i am a person who is not excellent in science stream but quite ok la.. never failed except for add maths (urgghh,, a subject i totally hate the most!!) other subjects, ok la.. not too good but not too bad.. yesterday, i went to public library since i promised to meet wawa and paan elfi there.. we took a place which is kindly situated a little bit private for me( xramai area tuh).. beside us, there was a girl studying maths i guess since i cud see her hand kept on clicking her calculator counting something inside the book.. that moment, i realised how i had wasted my time for not studying harder before.. i mean at least i cud try harder instead of sleeping thoroughly during maths lessons.. now i knew how useless was i that time.. but as wann said, let by gone be by gone..

ok, lets back about choosing career part.. i am still searching a right career that really suits me well.. i do think of being a pharmacist.. i told my fren, mirahmanab before and she loves it too.. but the problem is i dont really good in bio but i do like the subjetc + chemistry.. weird right? like but cannot score? maybe as the oldies used to said.. "dh xdk rezeki, nk wat cmna?" i commonly heard that phrase everytime i tell how do i feel to anyone i considered as friends.. hmm... tired of listening that phrases i started to keep my feeling inside till today i wote in blog so i can share what do i feel with someone that really does read my blog.. huhu... not to brag by any means, i used to defeat someone in my class who i can say that is fluence in english writing as well as speaking.. huh, cudnt imagine how i felt that time.. with some of my classmates came to greet me for the score i had get + with the victory i achieved ( which is defeating that girl)..haha.. sory girl,, dont have any means to hurt you.. hihih...

back to what i left before.. hehe.. i do think of taking tesl.. but i dont like teching.. that's not my passion.. with all the students with different attitudes.. i am a student.. i do understand how my teacher felt when a student being rude to them.. for god sake that teacher is kind, but if it was me that time, huh, i dont think that student will stands with all the dirty words that i wud say to him... hohoh...

hm,, truely, i dont like working by pushing and forcing method upon me.. i love working where i can be my self in which i dont have to say bad things on someone else( mksd aku mengumpat) hahaha.. i am really truely regret now.. haha.. maybe for temporary only.. just as the blog that i read before, she cant imagine herself asking every patient, "how r u?".. "how do u feel?" or maybe.. "what's wrong with u?" .. yes!!! even me, myself cud never imagine keep on repeating asking patients with da same questions 7 days a week!! that is just not me!! due to that, i do think of being a pharmacist instead of being doctor, i mean being a pharmacist doesn't require us to meet with strangers every day.. sitting in lab doing research on medicine is enough for me...

so guys, nothing else to say.. just hoping i'll get my spm result with flying colours and so are you!! amiin..


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