so every failure and every adversity, every heartache may be a lessing in disguise if one has da passion to go on and hold true to ones dream... take a closer look at some of da world famous celebrties, Michael Schumacher, Brad Pitt and Vijay Singh (br knai td).. no one heard of their scholastic performance in school.. huhu.. if they had been forced to excel academically and not encouraged to pursue their dreamsm then their talents wud remain hidden.. huhu.. and bogged down by exams.. is it? look back home, Siti Nurhaliza (one of my faveret) only grade 2 in spm. as a Malaysian, i am proud to mention dat she is da 3rd asian artist to be INVITED to perform in da distinguished Royal Albert Hall in London u guys... hihih... if u want to define success by monetary standards, how about dis..? Bill Gates dropped out school, formed Microsoft and cud very well pay off da entire US national debt by 2006.. yeah.. are u shocked?? not me, why?? because he has passion in wateva he is doing...

my advise here is, do something u believe in.. do not fear da winds of adversity live life 2 da fullest (nqb's line) and at da same time fill ur bank account to da fullest!! hahaha... have passion in wateva u do and u are definitely on ur way yo success... yeah.. who knows?? u cud be da next Isaac Newton.. and if u are really lucky, they might put ur pickled brain rite next to Einstein's!! hihihi.... and i wll be da 1st person to bow ur brain... hahahaha..*wink*

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