great persons of all time..

so, wawa read my blog and asked me to read again her blog on "accpeted".. tp xjmpa la wawa.. so as i told u i made some researches on tokoh2 dunia... hihi.. and yes i did found some..

our honda tycoon the late Dato Loh Boon Siew was an illiterate from China who daringly ventured into automobile business.

Shakespeare, a faymous playwright, did not go through any higher education.

Thomas Alva Edison ( knai ke) had only 3 months of formal education, but he turned out to be one of da greatest inventors of all time... yeah..

wat is common to all these geniuses is their insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion in their field of interest... is it? and yet, Sir Winston Churchill, the faymous Prime Minister of England during World War II, was always at da bottom of da class.. yet he rose 2 be da man who led British to victory in da second world war instead.. with hid charismatic words," we shall fight in da oceans, we shall fight in the skies.. we shall neva surrender!!" dat is da passion which led to success.. hihih.. to be continued... ( research x abis lg).. huhu

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