i like mylife to be this way...

seems like i haven't write anything on blog lately.. it was all a copy paste typed of post...hik3.
it's not that i dont want to write, but i had nothing to write... hik3...
dun be mad.. i am sure some of u who visited my blog didnt read my post at all...
so, i think, why shud i write something which everyone are not interested to read... so i think of something and actually, i want to write something that i feel today...

yesterday, my brother finally returned home since his last day being at home which is on the last december i guess.. ( who cares???) and yet i had to experience the thing which i never experienced before... ( berebut2 laptop) adeii... sometimes mmg best rebut2 nie.. but sometimes it is not fun to do the rebut2 thing... i mean, it is like uncivilised humans behaviours... huhu... but i do like those things.. and today, we had a small fight...( me and bro la).. both of us, we did ran like freaks to upstairs( my room of course) to see who was the first one to reach my very beautiful yet canggihnyer laptop nie... haahhaa *bragging*

in a nut shell, what i can tell about my life today is : "saya suka hidup cr org yg bertamadun ini" *peace*.. abg wan, if u are reading this, come home often so we can have the brotherly typed of competiton ok?? *wink*

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