Mind Ur Own Business K???

Have u eva heard of someone named Nosey Parker?? Or one Mrs. Grundy?? If u have not, im sure one day u will huhu… one thing most of us cannot successfully do is mind our own business.. if u ask me the truth I wud say we are in some measure fond of being busy bodies ; (people who take interest in wat is happening to others and interfering with suggestions and advices).huhu. we live under da delusion dat we are very wise and capable, while others around us are not.. there4, we are liberal with advice, sometimes genuinely required, at other times not needed and perhaps all da time heeded,,, huhu..

Minding one’s business is important in many other sphere… it is no concern of ours if da little boy in da neighbouring has broken someone’s pane…or the boss’s daughter is marrying a factory hand.. haha… it is no concern of ours if da lady across da street is a year older than husband or the local grocerer is a millionaire…n da most important is... Huh, we shud neva be really bothered if someone has failed in wateva examinations he takes!!!!dats just not his/her luck k?? These are da insignificant things in life n if we interfere we will only be adding fuel to da fire n causing a great deal of trouble… huh…. In such affairs, one shud be reserved n stick to his own affairs… understand *&%^$#*????? im warning u if u eva dare to mind my business, I’ll not thinking twice before I take actions… mind ur own b4 u dare to mind mine!!!! Karma spares no one dude….


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