my lower form adventures...

so, i was accepted to sultan abdul hamid college and was placed in 1 gamma class.. i could still remember i sit next to faiz.. yeah.. the same faiz in msc beseri.. but he moved to mjsc pdrm in february.. i hated because he had to go and left me alone butthe horrible feeling inside my heart was not so long because after that i changed my seat and sit next to syafiq.. (ya ka nie?? ke sebelah nas??) i could still remember when me and faiz, we sang the rosalinda song till a teacher walked by stopped and scloded us!! what a shame?? but it was fine, we continued singing till we had no more voice and started doing our homeworks.. naa.. lets talk about other thing..

i guess it was in february when faiz moved to mjsc pdrm.. to tell da truth, i was quite happy becauce he had the opportunity to further study at a better place compared to ksah.and for sure i was sad too beacause he will be leaving me alone. ..hahhaha.. not meant to say that ksah was not good but definiltely mrsm would be better for him... huhu.... during my lower primary time, i really dislike one buddy who i dont have to mention his name here.. and i am sure he''l be reading my blog.. but who cares??!! okay.. i hate him so much because he has a very non-secure mouth!! wawawawa!!~ only bad things will come out from his mouth when it comes to talk to me.. it's not that i didnt really try to be nice with him.. but he just got the attitude that i am sure everyone will get themselves away from him... huh.. end of this hating part...

let me tell about my best frens!! well, at first i didnt really knew him.. because each of us were not in the same class.. i was the gamma crew while he's an upsilonian.. huhu.. uuuuu.. i love telling this part.. hahah... ok his name is naim.. i couldnt really remember how was our first talk but i am sure we are best frens ever.. actually there were four of us.. me, naim, wann and nur syafiq... huh.. we were so closed that we gossip together and shared our laughter together and of course untill now.. heeeeeeee... haha.. and there was once where me and naim had a huge fight!! haha.. during form three i guess.. (sebab ape?? biarlah rhsia...) but it was not long because i realised that i was my fault.. huhu.. and we were frens back... but it wasnt my fault he started it first.. but as i told before.. only best frens will left foot prints inide our heart.. so i got his footprint inside my heart.. huhu.. (bkn jiwang.. aku berperasaan!!).. ok so i had my pmr and i got 6 A's 2 B's huhu.. not bad since i dont really like both subjects.. and many say that geografi is easy but i got B for that and who cares?? aku masih idop!! i did applied for sbp and mrsm.. but luck was not by my side.. i didnt get the sbp.. quite frustrating for me because i thought there was no chance for me to enter boarding skool.. but pasrah ja la.. few weeks later.. mara offered me to mrsm pdrm.. and yeah i really excited about it.. i mean, i could see faiz again but does he still remember me??

so, at 20th february i went to mrsm pdrm for registration and when i was about to get my stuffs, i saw faiz with his khaki shirt which i was not allowed to wear it any longer during f5.. stupid rules!!( kalo pakai bju tu xmati pn!!) what ever.. and yes, he still remember me and we shaked hands.. huhu.. he's the one who helped us carrying my things.. and know what?? i am going to stop now.. got a lot of works to do.. tomorrow.. i will be visiting naim at uum.. yeah!!~ chow guys

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