saya gumbira!!~

wawawawawa!!~ what u sudden..? fakhrul called me dis morning to invite to his house for something that he cannot tell me by phone.. he said only if you come to my house, then only i'll tell you the mystery..haha.. i was stoned a moment thinking of what the mystery would be.. but something that i forgot to tell him was- my motocycle was sent to the workshop to be repaired.. after i took my refreshing bath, i sms'ed him telling that my moto was not around.. then he said "ok i'll fetch u".. what a relieve... while waiting for that very blurry fakrool, i watched a mopvie at hallmark with mom... i cudnt really remember the title.. but its kind an interesting movie to be watched.. i dont want to talk about the movie actually.. well, at 4.45 pm fakrool sms'ed me telling me that he is in front of my gate.. what a shock!! i cant even heard a sound of machine outside..

about 4 minutes b4 5, we arrived at fkrool's house.. i 'salam' his mom.. hee~( nk gtaw saya nie bdk baek je).. there was not too many people in the house since his brother and sister were studying at boarding skool.. (adek2 dia suma pndai) his brother is a alam shah science skol student while her sister is a student of mjsc pdrm.. hheee~ i miss mrsm pdrm.. i just sit on a chair while waiting 4 da arrival of tiqah n wani.. wat a snail!!~ 15 minute after 5, i cud see the happy faces of them when they got the chance seeing me standing at front of the house.. they said sorry!~ (blah aaa janji 4.30)hee~ wani(da mulot pot pet one) cheer up da silence in the house.. hee!~ few minutes later, fatin who i always called her mat dom( nm tok wan dia) showed up.. and today i found out that she and syapiq are together!!~ sory tiqah.. no chance 4 u..haha.. one thign dat really make me stoned up- i saw the face of syafiq subri- a person yg suka buli aku tyme skola rndah.. (dia dh baik skrg)

*xlarat nk tulis byk2.. biala aku sorang je taw saat bhgia kami kwn2.. hee~ lwk ja.. mmg bes jmpa kwn2 skola rndah.. depa mmg sgt baik!!~ and cannot be replaced.. w'pon byk lg kwn2 yg xsmpat aku jmpa..


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