special 4 my ex-cubemate

dear cubemate... i knew da news.. n i hope u'll be strong..

let me tell u dis..When God takes away something from u, He is merely emptying ur hands for u to receive something better...

keep it n 'amal' it..

wat's da point of knowledge without 'amal'???

as da malay saying goes.. "ILMU TANPA AMAL ADALAH SESUATU YG SIA2.."

(xrelated pon actually.. saje...) hek3... stay cool abg long.. heh... adek nie jaga bek2!! hahaha...

cant forget we were playing abg2 n adek2 in our cube rite.. u are our eldest abg n kamal is da

2nd n hazwan is da 3rd n im da last... i'll never forget the jokes u made to chase away

boringness in our cube... dun forget my singing although im sure sometimes u guys hated to

hear it.. hahaha.. wish cud twist da time..


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