1)Whom did you last go out with?
:: wawa, paan, aminah, mek, nq, ngan zulaikha

(2) Reach your hand out to the right.
:: air=angin ja

(3) What time did you sleep last night?

(4) What can you hear besides the
:: elliot yamin nyanyi..

(5) Do you agree to the saying "to
Forgive is to forget"?
:: never!! forgive is something kita kna bjaga2 so dat same thing xkn happen again.

(6) When was the last time tears
started to roll down your cheek?
:: last nite... aku tensen!!

(7) What/who makes you happy today?
:: my mom.. dia masak nasi goreng faveret

(8) What makes you sad?
:: bila ajk p genting suma org xmau... alsan ja tuh

(9) What are your favorite books?
:: xdk....

(10) What would you like to have
right at this moment which seems
totally impossible?
:: to talk with someone i admire so much!

(11) Who will you turn to if you have
a huge probLem?
:: my best frenS..

(12) What was the best event that
happened last year?
:: aku rs le.. ari b4 balik umah

(13) Where did you go today?
:: nowhere.....

(14) Last thing you ate?
:: nasi goreng mak aku msk td

(15) Who are you with?
::mak n abah tgk tv kt blakang.

(16) Have you gone to the beach
just with your buddies?
:: nope... huhuhuhu....

(17)Do you love sunsets?
:: suka.. tp lg suka kalo tgk ngan beloved one

(18)When is your b-day?
:: 13th dec

(19)Who do you wanna be with on the day
of your birthday?
:: ada a... nk sgt celebrate ngan diaaa..

(20) Have you ever felt that you've
been taken for granted?
:: Yes!

(21) Thing/s you regret?
:: dia xbg response!!! hampes

(22) Is there anything else you want
to do besides answering this survey?
::xdk.. sbb aku xdk keja.

(23) Do you know how to play the
:: nope, aku nk rg main kt aku.... nk rs cm vip

(24) Who's the last person you
:: bdk prasan comei

(25) KFC or Kenny Rogers?
:: kfc.. ada ka kenny rogers kt loq staq?? xnah p

(26) Beach or CAMPING?
:: beach la.. tgk org seksi

(27) Do you find yourself lonely?
:: tersgt2.

(28) Is there someone you're missing
:: someone yg aku admire so much tuh!!!

(29) Do you love someone right now?
:: love or not?? tataw la nk describe.. mn taw rndu ja?

(30) Where did you go last Friday?
:: masjid.. smayang jumaat

(31) Last person that on the phone
:: lupa laa... byk msg ja rsnya smpai kdt kong xtopup2 lg smpai laaa..


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