uiks.. the title has nothing related to fatin nabila industrious k?? hehehe.. nqb knows.. haha.. etceli, i am so stressful rite now cuz i have to read all over again bout da stupid test that we have to ake to apply driving license!! damn shit!! (as nqb always said) huh, to tell u da truth, i failed the test.. i only got 36 out of 50... but etceli for me its ok, bcoz i dont touch da book at all... i repeat, no at all!!! hmm,, 36 out of 50?? hmm if times by 2, da poduct is 76.. means 'A1' if i take the test in my former skul,, huhu.... hahaha.. not bad at all!! hik3.. but da funny thing is i went to the test center with full of confindence.. so it was a little bit sad for me bcuz i failed while others can pass? da question is why?? why?why?? my advise here for u, dont be too over confident dat u can answer da questions without read it!! read!! so you can get ur driving license faster than u think... hahahaha


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Hello I'm Irfan, 20, standing at 1.7m tall. Pretty random (I do what I want >:]) more?

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