Most people cant live without
cell phone.. so here is a survey about
it.. OK Go Grab your phone!

1. What color is your phone?

2. Who's the first person who comes up
under the letter M?
--mak Naim

3. Who's the last person you called?
--Lovely mama

4. Who was your last missed call from?

5. Who's the 2nd person who comes up
under D?
--diba hanafi.. ahaks

6. Who's speed dial 2?
--tiada speed dial

7. Who's the 3rd person who comes up
under J?
--jema.. seriously, jema awk masih idop ke??

8. Who was your last received call?
--mama saya la!!

9. Who's speed dial number 4?

10. What is your background?
--semestinya gmbaq aku la!!

11. How many text messages do u have?
! xsuka save byk2 menyemak inbox ja... so 0

12. Who's in ur speed dial ?
--ishk... kan dh gtaw.. xdk!!!!!!!

13. What's the 5th message say in your
--ntah ler... dh delete daa...

14. Who's the 1st person who comes up
under B?

15. Who was your last text message
-- arep reimi a.k.a emmy

16. Name every person you have text
messages from:
lupa dh kot??

17. Have you seen the 101 Chuck Norris

18. Who's the 9th person on your missed

19. What does the 3rd message in your
Outbox say?
nie ade kot??"ala, dia bukan bwk moto pn..."

20. Who is the first name in your
abe ikhwan

21. What is your phone brand and which
motorola tp xtaw model ape...

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