survey addict..

1. A random guy/girl comes up to you
and says 'hey?' you say?

2. What was the last thing you put in
your mouth?

3. What does your last text message
--nk wat pa no ic aku??

4. The last song you listened to?
--Things I'll Never Say-Avril Lavigne

5. What's irritating you this very
--my new track suit... erhhhh

6 . Where is the rest of your family
right now?
--mak and abah kt ruang tamu abang kt KL

7 . What did you do yesterday?

8. Pick a scar on your body, how'd you
get it?
--my forehead... parut jerawat... negh3

10. What do you want to do when you get
out of high school/college?
--nk keja etceli but ended up with perabeh beras kt umah... ahahah

14 . Who's your most religious friend?
--erk?? i think YANTIE kot my clasmate??

16 . If you could change your name to
anything what would it be?
--org2 kaya sedunia... kah3

18. What do you hate most about your
--stupid rules

19. On your bed, what's your favorite
--my toto la... fuh!!

20. Last time you took a plane, where
was it to?
--neva been on to...

23 . What's the first thing you would
do with five million bucks?
--nk bukak bisnes cm farmasi ka?? ala,,, mcm watsons and guardian tuh!!

27. Next thing you'll spend money on?
--wat HAJi...

28. What's one toy you remember having
in the 90's?
--power rangers ...red one

29. If you had a son what would you
name him?
--nah!! kami pk sesama la nnt...

33 . Which of your friends do you argue
with most?

35. Which of your friends you don't
argue with at all?

37 . If you could have any car what
would it be?
--minat honda civic la... tah ler...

38. What's your fav food?
--cendawan goreng tepung...

39. How do you like your eggs?
--wat la cena pon.. aku mkn suma aih..
jgn mentah sudah.. haha..

40 . If you could get any piercing what
would it be?
--xmau!!! haram

41. How about a tattoo?
--xmo.. haram gak wooo

43. What's a movie you want to see in
the theatres?
--nk tgk Sweeney todd tp depa ckp dh ade cetak rompak.. bek tgk yg cetak...

45. What's the last four numbers of
your phone number?

46 .How many hours did you sleep
for last night?
--i slept at 4 and woke up at 10... 6 hours

48. What TV show do you wish you could
live in?
--oprah winfrey show... dpt adiah kalo p

.49. What video game do you play most
--solitaire?? ahahahhaa

50 . What are you wearing right now?
-- black shirt n black track suit.

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