another survey

huhu.. feel so long since i last did survey.. so, here it comes... ekekeke

Have you ever said, you would never
love again?
#yes, i told that to chom but smpai abeh matrik ja la since matrik is hard so, have to concentrate on study laa~

Is there anything bothering you right
#tonnes of people!!

Is there something you wanna let go of?
#hope one day i cud...

Do the old songs you had in your past
really remind you of the memories?
#yes, there is one song.. but i cant remember the title.. used to sing this song during standard 5/6.. the lines-(once upon a time there was a tavern, where we use to live a life or two.. bla3..)

How important is trust?

Is crying a sign of weakness?
#depends on the situation.. if cry for small matter-weak.. if cry to make u feel better-good!

Do you always regret?
#not always..

Do you find your ex gf/bf good looking?
#never have one.. shhhhh~

What will you do if youre stuck in the
elevator with someone you dont like?
#wait.. if the elevator mcm tangga kt supermarket tu, larik ja la~if the elevator mcm lift, what to do?? keep silent ja la~ lalalalala

Have you ever wanted someone but you
can’t have him/her?
#yess!!dun have to mention who

Have you ever said I love you but you
#to my parents an friends(never lied)

Would you ever want to go back in the
#no!! life must goes on~

Do you really wanna please everybody?
#not everyone

Is waiting ever okay?

Right now, where do you wanna be?
#somewhere over the rainbow.. huh!! long time no see rainbow eh

What are you so sick and tired of?

What made you smile today?
#adeh.. cudnt remember~

Is looking good important?
#yes!! sapa nk amik keja kalo u look messy

Do you listen to love songs when
you’re down?
#sometimes laa~

What are you thankful for?
#for everytink that happen to me..?

Do you believe in forever?
#ada akhirat kan?

What are your plans for the weekend?
#nk p the Carnival at SP.. mandi manda

Do you say sorry first?
#if im wrong.. y not?

Do you believe that married couples
should still go out on a date?

Has someone promised you something and
broke it?
#yeah!!! even i done this b4.. ekekee sory jet!!!

p/s: wawa -lama ang xwat survey kan??


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