i hate her!!!

'HER' according to my description is my JPJ tester for today test... arrgghh.. she is greedy, tamak and *&^%$##!!!!... she only gave me 5 out of 20!!! well, u cannot blame me for crossing over the white line.. i cudnt see cars that come from the left side of the road..!! in nice simple words, KAU IKOT SGT KE UNDANG2 JALAN RAYA??!!! dun be arrogant laa with the title 'PEGAWAI JPJ'...yg lg bengang, my friend,who also got to be tested by her - failed!!! mean girl btoi this JPJ officer.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i hate u mRS *&^%$%$#!! (i dun remember her name and not interested to remember) huhuhu.. whatever mrs*&^%%##... i dun want to ever ever ever see and tested by u again!!!!

p/s: jet, u r rite, woman tester very da cerewet one!!! xpa jetz, kalo ang jd peg. jpj, bg anak dia plak fail!!! hahahahah!!~ *evil me*

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