SAHC sports day...

huh... i am happy today!! for what?? hehe... i could see my 'bapak angkat' which is the Sultan Kedah.. hee~ *joking*..it had been 2 years since i left sahc.. lot of things changed but i remain same.. lol.. (pe yg ngarot) hmm i am not going to tell much detail.. not in mood of writing laa... huu.. but i'll show u some photos that i 'd took today!!

#KEDAH house (purple)

#STUART house (red)

#DAYS house (blue-which Amii adore so much!!) hahaha

#SULTAN house(yellow) but as always, they are LOSER!!!hahaha (mean me??)

#police cadet!! huh...

#land scout

#sea scout

# hahaha dis is funny!! Sultan house's mascot!! TIGER but hairy as a LION!!!

# three SAHOCAs running sambey bawak obor yg x menyala... weirdos?? hahaha

#aksi pendaratan si payung terjun?? btol ke nie ???huh.. wateva

#the view from where i sit

so i guess this year would be the most grandest sports day of sultan abdul hamid college... i miss my college, i miss my friends, i miss my teachers and sirs( although some of them had forgotten my existance) haahaha.. and ops!! i forgot to put GURNEY house's photo.. seems like i failed to capture any pics of that house... nvm.. and yes, i am still until today hate ksah band.. wanna know why??? biarlah rahsia... hahaha... till then.. c ya !!!

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