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first of all... read the post title first.. this is my first time baking cookies.. i dont know what's wrong.. could be the recipe or it's just me that dont know how to cook.. waa...(amii aku still bley masak makanan goreng2 ok?) huhu... however,the cookies still tasted yummy!! heheheeheh... whatever happened, im not in the mood of writing... let the pictures do the talking....

first attempt:
look at the dough... i put too much margerine into it... that's why it's kind of 'lembik'... err?

ladies and gentlemen... arrange them in order just like this in order to get the best tasted cookies ever.. hahaha LOL

put them into the oven and baked them for half an hour!!! wth?? ok... i admit it.. i forgot that i was actually 'do' something at the living room instead of watch over my cookies!!hahaha

this is the look of my chocolate chips of my first attempt... gemuk2 kan??!! do they look like me in the picture???!!!(thanx to cik miyn yg tlg edit) HAHAHAHAH... it is etceli HANGIT... wateva* i prefer the taste of dough compared to the cookies

still.. i dont give up!!! i tried for the 2nd time~the procedure still the same.. but the result i got was totally DIFFERENT... hahahah!!.. i paid more attention to the cookies instead of SHINCHAN.. hehehe... so, this is what i got for pay... a better cookies than before... well, u could see the sizes were smaller than before and they didnt get HANGIT... hahaha!! however, this is my first try okay? so, have a little bit of pity for me... hhehee...

2nd attempt:

who want to taste it?? lai2... and for your information, this is not CHIPSMORE... hahaha.. this is my very own chocolate chip... and please3x... dont judge a book by its cover... these cookies might look ugly, but they really taste superbly delicious!! hahaha

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