hepy belated birthday USNA and AFIQ!!


bday girl... cute??!! no lah!!

Venue : KFC Jalan Stadium
Time : 12.00pm

i had fun today.. and i enjoyed my day so much!!! we celebrated (husna and afiq)'s birthday (it is actually a belated birthday).. it was fun since everyone seems like to be able to attend the event except for Faiz... what i like about birthday party is-we could have fun together with friends and laugh out LOud like there is no tomorrow!!! hehehe... and i love CAKES so so much especially Chocalate Moist Cake.. fortunately, Husna bought us Choc Cake!! loved it...

marvellous!!! :p


the ritual

naqib ate a lot today!! i mean, really A LOT!! more than what i ate... he used to be the one to take meal in small amount unlike me.. hehehe... lucky me, he'll get BIGGER than me... hahahaha.. *sorry naqib* lwk saja lah...

me and nqb yg semakin chubby!! wakakaka

missing in action;nqb(our world renown photographer)

well, as usual.. we went to city plaza and played bowl (couldn't help my self) hahaha... huh!! sadly, naqib defeated me this time.. its ok.. everything in this world has its up and down... right??!! hehehe... but nevermind, our points didn't differ very much... huhu... and yes (again) BELL kalah lagikkkk!!!!! hahahaha *maaf ye bell?*


THEM... at the same place

to HUSNA and AFIQ!!! td kan semua tersipu2 nk nyanyi kt hang... so let me sing for u (artis nk nyanyi neh) hahaha.. ehem2... let me do the bubbling thing first okay??!!! blurbbbb3x...

me and the birthday girl

Hepy birthday to U (2X)

ePY BiRTHDaY To uSNa and AFIQ..

epy birhtday to u guys!!!

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