i am so so not okay

i am so so not well today,,, my head is sick... my body's getting hot!! wth?? i really need a good rest and effective medicine to cure my sickness.. i hate the flu~ erggghhh!!!!

but still, i am going to make my very first Chocolate Chips tomorrow.. hee~ wawa's idea.. but unfortunately, she's not in alor star... or else she can have some my own baked cookies.. heeee~ xpa la wawa... later on okay?

so, today rosma make her very first blog ever!! thank u for letting me to be the 1st one to know eh?? ergghh... this fluenza really killing me hardly!! and yes.. my back neck pn saket ( silap urat) kot? just so not my day!!

i woke up this morning and checked my handphone.. guess what? 22 NEW MESSAGES!! wth?? none of the messages asking about me.. most of them were forwarded msges... erk... this is all because of Hotlink offer la.. 1500 free messages with rm1 i think? but i also received message from adibah which says that the free messages supposed to be used by tomorrow or else 3rggt will be deducted from our hotlink account!! hahaha... maaf.. saya xbeli okay menda tu?? padan muka!!!

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