jpj? beres!!


today, i had my 2nd jpj test.. and thank God i passed this time.. no women testers, all men!! thank God .. i cudnt remember my tester's name but he's kinda good and nice to me.. ape yg pelik is...

tester : dok tmn nuri kan?

saya : yup!!

tester : knai x khairil muhaimin?

saya : errr? *kebingungan*

tester : khairl muhaimin.... knai x?

saya : bdk ksah ka? knai kot?

tester : tp dia taun 87...

saya : dlm hati (awat tny aku??) haihz... kalo taun 87, xknai laa...

tester : ouh ok... nie tgk depan!! aku pangkah bru taw

saya : *clueless* ok!! hahahahhaa

but its ok.. he was just trying to make joke kot? to bring laughter to the situation.. well, at least xdela diam sja in the car... hahah!!!


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