sp day out*

went to Sg Petani yesterday.... met up Bell, Faiz, Una, Syafiq , Bitah, Adzle and Asyraf* hehe.. we had so much fun there even i was quite sad with asraf's attitude.. sgt lah sombong... but hey, should i really care ur attitude?? i already have mine, dont need urs... plan to go to the 'THE CARNIVAL' was cancelled since i thought una was not going, but suddenly, on the day we're about to leave AS to SP, she called and asked us (faiz and me) to wait for her.. huh!!! cm'on, we missed City LiNER BAS-which is faster than TRANS.. huhuhu... whatever... ignore that...

the event we enjoyed most was when we played bowl.... Central Square (CS) changed a lot!!! the air conditioner worked better compared to the last time i went there, which is last month.. haha!! and as usual, i won!!! hahaha!! ouh well, i didnt do as good as the last time i played (i scored 127) but this time i only manged to score 120 marks with 3 times strikes in a row... heheheh.. i think i can replace Shalin Zulkifli and take her place to represent the country in bowling game (perasan lg...)

here are some random photos taken on the hilarious and blissful day!!!

it is funny to know that TESCO sp lack of spoons!!!

to the left is the WINNER!! followed by no2 and no 3...

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