i don't know what to feel right now or how do i should behave right now??

people think i'm manipulating their decision..

huh.. seriously, i'm fed up with stuffs happened around me...

people seems to misunderstand what i'm trying to say...

i said A-but they thought that i was saying B.. how confused was that?

from now on... i'm going to keep my mouth shut and hold myself from telling people or in a NICE word-to HELP!!!! them when they need my advice... huh!!

and know what? i don't care if u choose to go to other places instead of going to this 'certain place' to further your study... this is your life after all.. and you're right..

now that i knew that, what i think of my last post isn't true.. as the malay saying goes... kawan waktu senang mudah dicari, kawan waktu susah sukar dicari.. now that, i totally agree with this saying~

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who cares;


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