tagged by balqis.. hik3.. thanx yaah??!! tag laa lgi!! so here it goes...

-Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented
-Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented
-Name 3 Things I do not know about you
-Name 5 Snacks you enjoyfour things that need to be invented are

1- sayap utk manusia-i want to fly like a bird~
2- lift lut sinar- inspired from 'CHARLIE&THE CHOC FACTORY' it is interesting if someone truely ever invented that thing
3- money machine- sounds familiar but what i really mean is; i want a machine which can convert anything(eg; stones or paper) into money... kaya kan??
4- a magic wound- just like in harry potter. i would love to have one like the one he had in the film.. can i?

four things that should never have been invented
1- (like balqis) ROKOK-personally, i can get along with smokers-i mean they didnt do anything harm to me right? huh.. but everyone knows smoking is the 2nd killer in Malaysia after cancer right? correct me if i'm wrong..

huh!! seriously, i dont know what else should not be invented...if u know one or else, do inform me.. sharing is caring right?

three things that you dont know about me
1- i love playing with my nails before i sleep
2- i regret all the time that i wasted before
3- love to eat but now on my diet.. hehe

five snacks that I enjoy
1- cadbury black forest-my favourite!!
2- ferrero rocher-sadly, i no longer eat ferrero rocher since i'm now on my mission to boicot all dutch's products.. what a good me?
3- appolo waffle cake-love the taste
4- kit-kat- berehat sebentar bersama KIT-KAT
5- kerepek pisang!!!- suka mengunyah kalo dlm kuliah.. wakakaka...

this is a kinda tough tag... so, im not going to tag anyone particularly.. if u feel like to do this.. feel free to do okayh?

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