what happen with the internet server this night? or should i say-morning? omg!!hehehe.. it's already 4:08am in the morning.. but as always, insomnia hit me again..

hmm... firstly, i would like to congratulate for those that got that mara thingy... tahniah!!! few of my classmates seems to manage to get the offer, and hey!! it's a good news for me.. a free treatment, maybe? hehehe

i'll be leaving home in a few days to come... i do feel sad.. but at the same time, i am excited... surely, i have to live without my laptop which became my very best friend since i left mrsm.. sorry, i have to leave u.. hik3.. (gedik btoi) let me sing sumtink laa... KEN LEE would do right mr laptop?? LOLS :D

i actually got nothing to write at this moment... a little bit blurr and yes, im hungry right now!!! hahaha... luckily, mom left me a chicken drumstick in the refrigerator which she bought at pasar malam last night... although it's cold as ice but still, i am hungry, so taste is the 2nd thing for my complain ... haha..

ok lah.. till later.. daa~

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