kenapa satu?

i know i am not supposed to talk or think of this thing, which is being single.. ok, making an assumption that less people will come to my blog since i had removed the shoutbox (i dunno if it was a factor to attract people to visit), now i'll be writing on whatsoever crossed on mind and i don't mind if u got (or will got) problem with the post... hik3..

back on the track, why still single??? hah!! i did talked to one of my buddy on this thing.. and i am so so so glad to hear what he said to me...

"irfan, being single doesn't mean people don't like u, but God is merely making u single for u to have time making right decision in choosing ur lifetime partner..."

at first i read this, i laughed hardly!!! even he laughed.. both of us laughed.. hahaha.. but mind u, im single because i want to commit myself on study.. now that i got the chance to do what i like ( i mean in study lah) i have to grab the opportunity or else i will get my parents dissapointed... im not Si Tanggang Modern.. hehe...

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