leaving (again)

::i miss home so much::
though, i have to leave tomorrow..
but still, the battle is on!!!
4 flat for the both two semesters would be my target..
hoping for the best..
and one thing keep on haunting me is==>

people around me-they like to ask me whether i am ONE or i am now TWO?
erghh.. i know it is hard to understand what am i trying to say,
but the only answer i have for you (u know who u are) is NO!!!!
so, don't bother to ask me more on this...
i'll be TWO if i like to.. and there is no need for you to ask me...
i'll tell u myself!!!! okeyh???

now that i know,
there's lot of people with different attitude out there...
they are not being grateful.. they don't appreciate friends as they supposed to
they don't know what they say is actually hurting their friends..
they want people to understand them and not they to understand others...
i know my english sucks but to learn, it is not wrong...
hey!!! if you don't like me or us
face to face lah!!!!
and yes,
now that i know
there are still people who tend to get jealous of others
huh... i guess there's no need to elaborate more on this..

ok lah.. need to sign off..
got to go to sleep...
have to wake early tomrrow maa?
jealous of my friends who got mara/jpa lah
they still can wake up late and stay up late facing the computer 24/7
xpa laa...
ada lori ada bas
ada hari aku balas balek yaaah?!!


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