of matrik and uitm

here it goes...
the story is, i got an offer to further study in my favourite field of study- pharmacy..
but the matter is, it is a DIPLOMA not asasi or degree (lmbt lg cik pan oih)
although it is only a DIPLOMA, i have decided to quit matrik and join UiTM ..
but after taking some considerations on this,
it is the safest way to achieve my dreams instead of wasting times at matrik without knowing how my future would be...

my BiG problem now is- i have to go back to matrik tomorrow since i left my wallet there...
cemna la aku leh wat careless mistake cmtu??!!!
wallet plak tu!!!! len laaa kalo buku ka.. apa ka...
adeiii!!! otak aku makin xberfungsi!!!
rimasssss.... igt nk p sana nnt2 jaa.. haisshhh...
susah sgt ka nk tggalkan sesuatu tmpt??!!!

btw, i have something for u guys to do..
it is simple as ABC... just click the button VOTE down there and its done...
since i love and adore ct very much!!!!
i want to take this opportunity to promote her and to make sure she wins this time!!!
yeahh.. tlg ye rakan2 ku???

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