hepy 100th birthday KSAH ku syg..

today, my former school namely Sultan Abdul Hamid College celebrate it's 100th birthday.. it was a blast!! except for the fact that it was raining in the morning, so few planned activities were cancelled.. unfortunately, i only managed to turn up at SAHC a little bit than the time i was supposed to come which was at 9-ish.. hahaha.. [semua angkara NAIM lah]

huh, but i was lucky enough because i managed to meet Tun Dr Mahathir live in person.. sadly, i didn't have the chance to pose with him sbb byk sgt manusia mengerumuni beliau.. [sedeh].. well, from what i could observe, sahc changed a lot!! classes are painted with bright colours which is for me, it is a good way to create excitement for learning process!!

i'll let the pictures do the talks..

the 'pagar' was not there during my year, which conclude that juniors are getting 'ganas'!

near the makmal

room which was once my classroom.. [kt depan pemuda bju kuning itu]

student's creativity


Grand Hall

antiques cars showcase

that guy in black hanya interfrem!! LoL.

sahc's shirts

my ex-history teacher; Puan Rusni.. love her so much!!!

its not fair to only talk about SAHC since i have few things to talk about UiTM... ok, it was hard for me during the 1st and 2nd weeks here.. i had to make new friends, and blend with new environment which is surely for me and everyone else, if not, some....

today, we're supposed to have Family Day celebration in UiTM.. but i, a not-to-follow-the-rule boy skipped the activity. In fact, i went back home instead of attending the celebration. Everyone will be given an 'activity coupun' for the attendance which is konon2nya useful for the part 1 students as for them who wishes to stay inside the campus which i strictly don't want to.. hahaha... i don't like to be bounded by silly rules.. for instance, if we want to walk around the campus, we have to wear t-shirt with collars along with shoes [selipar is not allowed]and if we don't do so, we'll be fined rm35 [minimum] by the 'pak guard'... scary enough huh?this is why i prefer being an outsider rather than being fined by no means..

study goes well with some subjects but not Chemistry and Pharmaceutics .. tonnes of facts to be memorised. my head would be spinning out like wheels... hahahaha... seriously, i didn't understand what were taught during lecture session. i was blurred.. with nothing to refer to, not even slideshow using laptop and projector, how am i supposed to understand what been taught?? notes were given after the lecture.. weird is it?

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