fun? fair

ever go to a funfair? i've been there once and last few night i went there once again. it is good to feel young again or to be exact, to feel like a child because you couldn't do this when you're married or when you have had children. hehe

nothing much to be told because i only rode the wheels. yes, wheels mcm eye on malacca tu. haha. naik tu pn dh gayat.perit! xmau naik dah.

eye of kedah.!.

but deep inside i wish i could ride the boomerang-thingy (i dont know the name) hee. tp sgt2 lah takot. xkan naik kot? kecuali anda2 nie belanja saya! hahahaha

i am bored. thinking of changing my blog skin sekali lagi. heheh! =)

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