boling is not my cup of tea

i just realised few things todaywhich are-

  • i am so-not a good communicator to new people i met!
  • i am not good in bowling. but someone is far not good than me
  • i am Noor Irfan b Kamaludin and i cannot change who i am. sekian.

thanks to arif farhan for fetching me up today, although i didn't pay him a cent. sory (= tapi hang menang boling kan? kira rahmat la tu. hihi

i am so happy at the moment because i have two friends of mine to accompany me at home. surprisingly, we cooked tonight! yes, we do cooked tonight. hahaa! kami masak ayam goreng+telor dan nasik. yes, nasik. (which i don't really know how to cook before, seriously)

tired. signing off. daa~

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