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i am alone at home since last Friday because i had my dad and mum went back to Tapah. i didn't go as i don't really get myself enjoy, there. so, i'd decided to stay at home (alone) with no one to accompany me. okey, that's not really the problem. what bother me is, i have to go and buy food myself unlike before when mother left for Tapah.mum will buy all for me. (feels like son of the Sultan) haha
i was sad at first but i manage to cope myself with this alone-but-not-lonely life as i still got few friends to spend my time with. Sigh.
i even celebrated my Aidiladha alone. well, not so alone, because i didn't stay home really much. hehe. in fact, i really enjoy this alone-but-not-lonely life because you'll have no one to shout at you, no one to scream at you. haha
i was hungry just now so i ordered Pizza Hut. duhh. i never ordered anything through phone before. so, i was quite awkward to do so but nahh, nothing will stop a hungry me. lolx! haha
i was blurred. don't know if my phone line or their phone line was the problem, i hardly could hear what the operator (operatorkah?) said, so i only gave a 'yes' to whatever questions she asked me till i could hear, "ada apa2 nak tambah lagi?" erk.. no need!
so, rm41.50 ye encik.
omg! hahahaha. i was shocked because i only got 43++rm in my wallet. sad, but it was worth it and i don't have to tell you why. why oh why should i?
makan tak ingat dunia. lupa bismillah kot?
oh yes, i tried to cook just now but seems like i'm not a good cook. hahah! i wasted my mom's floor and threw what i cooked into dustbin.such a waste. just so you know, this is also the reason why i ordered instead of continuing my cooking. haha
sekarang : perut sengkak, duit sengkek. what should i do to eat tomorrow? patutkah aku mengemis? sedehhh!

p/s = all the tags will be done on a specific day which i feel like to do it. i mean, all of them

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