what can i say more?

what can i say more?
thank you so so so much!
i love being 18 and i do enjoy being 18.
surprisingly, i was shocked to see these two photos. they are great! edited by my very two best friends namely akmal and syafiq.
not to forget to wawa. thanks a lot for the very short entry about me. hahaha!
cek sukaaaa!

this one was edited by akmal

and this one's from syafiq

nice and picturesque, aren't they? (referring to model inside. lolx!)
ouh, i am so so loving you guys!
and i love those pictures.
thanks for not forgetting my special day.
as the title sounds, what can i say more?
thank you !

p/s= ada sapa2 lagi nak wat entry pasal birthday aku? wakakak! (perasan)

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who cares;


Hello I'm Irfan, 20, standing at 1.7m tall. Pretty random (I do what I want >:]) more?

Tell me!

They're SO HOT

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who made you king of anything?

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