expressing doesn't mean u hate (;

i enjoy my english classes with Mr Yeoh (mind you, it's silent H) haha! there's a day when we were browsing through the text when it came to an article about blog. and as expected he would ask anyone of us who has blog, and practically, i am the only one to answer yes. (;
he asked me the purpose of why im blogging and I slumberly answered-to fill my boring times. and he returned me a smiled, a sinis smile. but im okay with it. he asked more, do u have readers on your blog? i answered, YES!and there are silent readers too! ( i know i sounded like a bragger, but hey, i'll not be letting him to look down on me) and he also said to the whole class that bloggers are usually lonely. and i gave him a giant smile, i mean a giant sarcastic smile.(((;
regardless to all of these nonsense, he actually benefits me in many ways. he taught me a lot of new things instead of grammars and vocabs themselves.
we talked about things that happen around us, seriously i don't feel like that it's an english class, instead i feel like i'm entering a physics or bio or add maths classes! lol.

and do u know what 'member' in english means? 'member' means a male's sex organ! ahahaha! peculiar, but it's true. so, to all fellas out there, mind your words! or others might get twisted. ahahah!

p/s=sir, i don;'t hate u, seriously i don't hate.i enjoy every moment during ur class. although sometimes i fell asleep in your class. sorry, u cannot blame a hardworking student who stayed up late surfing through youtube watching Mariah Carey. lol! (;

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