Microbiology- A? amiin~

i had my very first Microbiology class yesterday. sumpah best! It was not as boring as I thought it would be. In fact, it turned out to be fun and euphoric. Sir Leow Chuan Herng ( sorry if I wrongly spelled your name and I wonder if he really does read my blog) really knows how to do jokes and and kills boredom. I have the feeling of getting an A for Microbiology this semester. InsyaAllah.

Anatomy and Physiology is not bad as well. Madam Suraya is teaching us this semester-who for me, is the coolest lecturer among all.

I don't know how, but these two lecturers seems to change my way of thinking for these two subjects, which for me (at first) and other few friends, are not easy to learn. But they make it easy to learn.

Actually I wrote this post right after I came back from my Friday Prayer. We had solat sunat hajat as well (on Palestin's citizens). Why people have to be so mean on others? Tapi yang menyedihkan ialah, ramai makmum yang terus keluar masjid lepas sembahyang jumaat. Mana pergi sifat ihsan dalam diri?? Solat sunat 5 minit pun tak boleh luang ka? Aku xbaik. Aku banyak buat salah dan dosa tapi aku juga punya rasa kasihan. Bayangkan kalau hal macam tu berlaku kat Malaysia? Mana kita nak lari? Thailand? Indonesia? Filipina? Yang nie lagi laaa. Aku tatahu nak cakap apa. Na'uzubillah.

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