gedik is the best medicine after all~

i don't really know what happened to me. seriously, i'm lost. i can't concentrate in class, i can't perform well in test (pernah ke?), and i can't even focus what people tell me.

Sir Yeoh want to see my blog to see if i have readers on my blog. of course, i'm not going to let him see this blog because i don't want him to tease me in class.

satu insiden berlaku lagi semasa kelas english.

Who is Noor Irfan? (sambil tengok ke arah bdk2 perempuan)
Oh, I thought this name belongs to a girl. Because most the boys' names start with Mohammad right? By the way, Noor means cahaya right? Good name oh.

see see? My Sir knows almost everything, he reads a lot. we can know by the way he told us stories. He also knows about history of Israel and its relation with Islam. My friend told me that his room's like a library; full of books!

another scenario.
-ada seorang perempuan nie, she stalked onto his bf's myspace and read those comments and found out that her bf's actually commenting other girls using the word "syg". at the same time, her bf calls her "syg" toO! so, when the gf got jelous and talked to the bf, his bf pulak yang emosi. dalam dilema lah, cannot make decisionlah, what should i do lah? and said to his gf that "i need time". (kisah dia lebih kurang beginilah)...

tapiiiiii~ yg menjadi masalahnyaa, si gf xpaham kenape yg perlu emosi itu si laki? bkn ke si perempuan patot emosi? dan si laki tu cakap, "i need time". time for what? time nak pikirkan alasan untuk break??? so, si perempuan nie pn ego tinggi, mintaklah break dulu sebelum berlaku sesuatu yang lebih terok.

soalan aku is, betol ke x tindakan perempuan itu?dan komen anda tehadap perangai lelaki itu. tolong jawab if u're reading. (;

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