oh test!

I had my English writing and Pharmaceutics test today. I must say that essay part was hard but surprisingly Pharmaceutics test was easy!!Alhamdlillah. x sia-sia lah aku stay sampai pukul 6 pagi kan? nasib baik ade kawan2 tolong teman.

I still have another 2 tests this week. One is Phamaceutics Lab test (this is seriously tough!) and another one is Chemistry (hopefully I'll pass this time ;DD)

oh yes, I just broke someone's heart. I had no intention to do so. Sorry ;( -no elaboration on this.
One more, who knows Whitney Blair??? I'm not sure if she's a recording artist, but I listened to her music on Myspace and she sounds so good! I've checked on Youtube but non adooo! So, sesaper yang tetiber kenal si Whitney Blair nie, send lah lagu dekat saye ye?? hee. Sehingga itu kita berjumpa dalam lain rancangan.! bye2

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