I got into small accident just now and it requires me to pay around RM300+- to whom it may concerns. *sobs*

I must admit that it was my guilt. I didn't know what happened to me as I was paying more attention to the green traffic light far at the front more than Proton Saga just in front of me and I swear I didn't see the red "break light"from her car.Yes, the driver's a lady and she's nice. Luckily, xde gadoh2. Semua cakap sopan-sopan. Alhamdulillah. ;)

The problem is (atau "are"?), my car's front bumper macam terlekang sikit (etceli banyak). I am hoping that my mom or dad would never notice it. Esok nak p repair, seriously.

Shah, thanks for your support-morally and financially. hee!~ I'll pay you next semester,my promise that is.

Sekarang tengah hujan, mungkin esok pagi pun hujan, mungkin juga Abah pergi kerje naik kete. Oh My God!!! I really need miracles,so badly!

Should I lie to Abah? Well,I should. This is so so so desperate or else he'll kill me! Memang tipu itu berdosa tapi xbuat dosa menipu, dosa lain pun buat jugak kan??(kalau aku salah, abaikan) After all these craps are settled, then I'll rethink whether should tell Abah or not. Mind you the word "rethink" LoLs.!

This incident has killed my mood telling you guys about my trip to Beseri. *crying*
Will post about my Beseri trip later on . But I must say, I'm happy!

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