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I'm a bit bored doing nothing at home. Who needs holidays?

I already had mine for the past two months! wtf?? And seriously, I don't need replacement classes with my "hari raya" breaks extended!

Enough, so I've changed my blog layout once again. I want my blog to look cute. So, I picked this one with a bit of flower and birds here and there. LoL. Childish? Yes. I love being one!

I have to learn Pharmacology this semester. It is fun yet hard to learn. Anemia,Anticoagulant. Haha. Not an easy thing to be learnt.

Currently, I really want to own a car. Yalah, easy for me to go to campus in case of raining. I can still remember on that Maths test day, I was late to the test to wait for the rains to stop. Luckily, Madam Sarina was kind enough to let me sit the test. And the same thing happened on my Pharmaceutics paper last semester. I missed two of my classes in the morning this semester. Hope it wont't affect my carry marks. I can only go to the lab session at the evening just because the rain stopped.Duhh, motorbike is so not cool!

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