Emotions sober

This week has been a tough week for me. I've been showing a lots of emotion. Sometimes I smiled to people,well sometimes I just ignored them. Not on purpose,it's like the smile had run away from my face.

Talk to my mom about this, at least she made up my day wit her jokes. ;) Other than her, and of course my bro, I have no one to talk to. I prefer being a listener. But sometimes, I also need to talk. Yes, I used to keep all my feeling inside, but after I knew that this can cause mental disorder, I prefer to express.

How do I say this. I went to campus with my wet clothes for 2 times! You don't know the shame that I to carry. Yesterday went to Jusco Perda and watched The Screen. It was a bit confusing at first, but I just love the part where we had to scream! No one else in the cinema except few chinese and us.

Ok, minggu ini tak sampai penghujung lagi pun, maknanya, emosi masih tak stabil. Bangun-bangun pagi dah kena marah. Tak ka sakit hati gitu? Cuba bagitaw sket mcm mana nak buat smiley face kalau hari-hari ada masalah baru? Haih. Dalam ramai-ramai orang dalam dunia ni kan, aku wonder la sapa yang betol-betol paham aku? Adakah aku seorang ja? Atau aku sendiri pun tak paham masalah aku...?

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