=)) Happy

The final is around. Still,I have mood for shopping! I'm not sure how my result would turn out. I still have time to revise and study. I promise not to go out daysss before exam except for food! Hahahaa.

Just got myself new hair cut. Not really new it is, tapi ok lah dari takde kan? Huahuahuaa. I love being massaged. Uh the feeling was just so nice! Eh poor Zakiman because he got himself into accident.Actually today is like a bad day to him. Banyak kan kisah kau hari ni ? Kena kacau naik motor lah. *sumpah lawak yang ni*

EH,tomorrow I will be going to Bukit Hijau. See?That's the mood for exam. Berjalan sana sini bila masuk dewan exam, menangis *Nauzubillah* Hahahaha

Hen leiii (Mandarin words which mean "sangat letih") so, I'm off to sleep now. Dadadadad~ MMuahxxx! :D

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