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Tibe2 je nak update blog. Tibe2 je taw? :p

Talked to Syikin on fb and she told that she's been reading my blog. Errr. Apa yang ko bace Syikin??? Lama gila bersawang habuk semua.

I have to tell this. I adopted two fur kids last 2 weeks, named Rara and Ijok. Apparently, Rara is a male which the vet mistaken her gender the 1st time I took them to vet. Vets nowadays... sigh~ Might as well change his name later name. Been calling her Babe since then. LOL

I got these two fur kids from Kak Amal, she gave me 3 actually, but I have to let go the other one which is super adorable to a friend. I know and hope she would take care of her better. The thing is, the condition of these 2 kittens are not normal. They were infected by fungus??? I don't know, 2 different doctors diagnosed them with different skin diseases. But on personal thought, I would say it is fungus. Let's just pray they'll get well very soon. :) Been giving them medications and supplements .

This week is the last week of classes before it is midterm break. *happyface* But within this week jugak lah banyak test gila babs. *nangisbalik* Physio is not easy I must say. Why is it not one of the critical courses in Malaysia eh???

I have test tomorrow on paraphrasing which I suck. :( just pray for the best. Aamiinnn.

Till then,
Tengah addicted dengan lagu ni. Kbai

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